Our Endorsements


The GNBGC Candidate Endorsement Policy is currently under review, with a major change in policy and procedure anticipated by 2018.  Until then the policies and procedures listed below remain in force.

Section 1.  Voting to endorse a candidate shall be limited to members of the Board of Directors, who shall be the designated voting members of the Committee.

Section 2.  In order for a candidate to obtain an endorsement from the Committee, the candidate must receive an affirmative vote of sixty percent (60%) of a quorum of the Board of Directors, subject to the following conditions:

  1. All candidates in a race desiring the Committee’s endorsement will be interviewed by the Committee and then a ballot will be issued to the voting members of the Committee containing the names of all candidates in that race. A voting member can vote for one or more candidates or for no candidate in that race. Any candidate receiving the required percentage of votes shall receive the endorsement of the Committee.
  2. Every voting member of the Committee must disclose, prior to the vote, any campaign involvement or monetary contributions made to a candidate being considered for endorsement by the Committee.
  3. No endorsement will be made prior to the close of the filing date for the election unless otherwise indicated by the Board.


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